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April 08, 2019     Daily Post

Loving The Process, But Not Too Much

We’ve heard we should love the process if what we’re building is to be effective. But how much?

  • If you love it too much (selfishly), you’ll never solve anything – what you could buy off shelf you’ll instead keep for yourself and not move forward.
  • If you don’t love it enough, you won’t get started.
  • If you love it right (selflessly), you’ll hold onto it if it’s right for you and give it to whomever it’s the best fit for if it isn’t, so that it can be done in the best way and promptly.

Love is something we “do” to others and things, not something we “have”. To “love the process” and have your work thrive, remember to also love it the right way.

Tip: Do you love to communicate the right things to your audience? Whether you do or not, it pays to love it right: can help with that.)