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March 25, 2019     Daily Post

Good Companies Ask For Trouble

“Welcome the present moment as if you had invited it. Why? Because it’s all we ever have.” – Peña Chodron

In a company, cause-driven or otherwise, there’s always a problem waiting for you once you’re done with the current one. Welcome it:

  • A problem resented costs us our progress: When we become reactive–perpetually putting out fires and awaiting the net–we don’t grow. We merely survive. It costs us our progress, and our work (and our causes) suffer for it.
  • A problem invited is a vehicle for accelerated growth: When we invite problems into our world, something shifts… We move from firefighter to candle-maker. The lessons we learn from each problem, thanks to our preparation and expectation, catapult our growth forward.

There’s always something; unhappy customer, market crash, vendor bankruptcy… if you’re a Good company, start asking for trouble. It’ll help you grow.