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March 23, 2019     Daily Post

The Difference Between ‘Failure’ and ‘Loser'

We struggle to think of failure as good because ‘something’ needs to be ‘the bad one’, right?

  • Winners must have skills, hustle, and direction to be winners. Failure is needed to develop skills, hustle pushes through it, and direction makes it worthwhile.
  • Losers must lack skills, hustle, and direction to be losers. Avoiding failure avoids the development of skills, lacking hustle stunts growth, and lacking direction would make it largely pointless anyway.

So there we have it: Failures win. Losers lose. Now we can embrace–and pursue–failure without wondering if it might be a bad thing.

Tip: You have to fail in order to succeed. can help you to find what you are the best at.