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March 21, 2019     Daily Post

Why nobody wants your sales coupon anymore

As enticing as they can be (albeit a little desperate) there’s a better option for the enlightened consumer of today:

  • Coupons are for people who are already interested. But what gets them interested? Unless it’s the mere pursuit of a bargain, initial interest must come from somewhere altogether more emotional.

  • We want to buy things that stand for something. What we stand for. Be it sustainability or sex slavery abolishment, as consumers we wear our hearts on our sleeves, feet, backs, legs, necks…

  • Great brands never seem to ask for the sale. Not like coupons do. Cause-driven organizations share their vision for the world not to ask for a sale, but to enable you to buy as an expression of a shared belief.

What if you traded a coupon for a cause? ​ (Tip: Work your cause into your communication instead of your coupon.)