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March 17, 2019     Daily Post

What Comes First In Marketing Online

I get asked all the time, “we want to improve our ability to sell online, what do we do?”

And my team and I have routinely seen people approaching this from as many different angles as you can possibly imagine. So what’s the answer?

  • Not where you think you should start: This is the first clincher. Folks tend to start from a linear, tactical mindset where they’re looking for a tool or website hack to make everything work better. That’s not where you’re supposed to start.
  • Where you’re really supposed to start: Getting clearer on who you’re talking to. Getting clearer on what you should be saying to them. If you get those two things right, and then execute on them in the right way, you win. If you don’t, you lose.

It’s really as simple–and as complicated–as that. The temptation to pursue the latest hot marketing hack is compelling. If you stay focused on what matters, you’ll outperform all those with shiny-object syndrome.

(Tip: It’s easy to started on those two key things, take a peek at to find your focus.)