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February 27, 2019     Daily Post

Are You An Accidental Expert?

If you do something for long enough, you’ll be an expert at it, for better or worse:

  • An expert craftsman is someone who practices a craft for long enough to be perceived as better at it than somebody else is. If you’re practicing a lot, you might just have something valuable to share with the world.
  • An expert whiner is someone who looks negatively (no, it’s not being a ‘realist’) at things for long enough that everything seems negative to you. This is a habit more tough to quit than smoking, so watch those thoughts.
  • An expert leader is someone who lead others for long enough to figure out how to finally do it right. You don’t need to be perfect or profound to be an expert, you merely need to be getting it right, at long last.

For better or worse, if you stick at something long enough you’ll become an expert at it. T’is a blessing and a curse. Choose wisely.