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February 25, 2019     Daily Post

Are You Who You Really Say You Are?

I’ve met two vastly different types of self-proclaimed proponents of cause-driven capitalism. Which do you feel more intrinsically resonates with you?

  • “We make donations to several different charities” – This type of proponent is a pseudo-proponent. They do it for seemliness and accolades as a vehicle for progress and unethical market advantage. Buyer beware.
  • “We took full responsibility for this problem” – This type of proponent is a genuine artifact of difference-maker culture. They do it not to appear generous or for the ‘feel good factor’, but because it’s the central reason for being in the marketplace in the first place.

As sellers, a critical look at these extremes will reveal to us where we stand. As buyers, a critical look will reveal who deserves our hard-earned dollars.

Where do you sit on the scale?