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January 23, 2018     Daily Post

Teams that last

We’re told that the “career” is dying.

I’d like to argue that it’s not so much “career” as it is “building teams to last” that is dying. If companies or teams aren’t investing in themselves to maintain or nurture greatness, is it any wonder people look for greener pastures?

We’ve talked about what makes a great team before. What should such teams be investing in?

  • People: When people get better, everything gets better. Do you invest in each other?
  • Clarity: The clearer you are, the better peoples decisions become. Do you invest in your communication skills as a team?
  • Privilege: The more of a gift you are, the more impact opportunity we create. How are you being a gift?
  • Consistency: Be it speed, duration, quality, price, experience or quantity, better consistency means better promises. How good are your promises?

If you belong to a great team, invest in it–it’s your responsibility as a member to make sure your team is built to last.