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January 22, 2018     Daily Post

Pause, paper, practice

What goes through your mind while you work? The mindset we bring to our work has a profound effect on what we create.

I like to use these 3 Ps as I enter new tasks:

  • Pause: Before starting, no matter the rush, take a moment to reflect on the task, being thankful for it and pondering the many different ways you could approach it.
  • Paper: Away from technology and team members, write down how you might do the work, and toward what goal it will ultimately move you all.
  • Practice: Do the work and call it ‘practice.’ Practice acknowledges growth: how can you–or the process you use–grow and develop from doing this?<

Consider maintaining a Result List instead of a to-do list, while implementing items on that list using the 3 Ps above.