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January 18, 2019     Daily Post

What Will You Make Today?

Ever wake up feeling “ugh” about something you need to do that day?

It might be time to change the question:

  • “I have to do X” is a lousy statement. It doesn’t encourage exploration, divergent thinking, or opportunities to do a great job. A better question could be, “What will I make today?”
  • “I’ve got to write an email to that guy” is a lousy statement. It focuses us on checking a box, not making someone’s day. A better statement could be, “I’ll make that guy an email that’s gonna change his life for the better.”
  • “I’ve got to get through this list” is a lousy mindset. It turns important work into a menial chore. A better mindset could be, “I’ll make a new way for myself to become faster, better, and more disciplined so that I can make better work.”

The questions we ask ourselves, statements we affirm to ourselves, and mindset we operate with, dictate our reality.