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December 15, 2017     Daily Post

Happy 2017S

‘New Years’ is dangerous. Everyone starts thinking about new things to try or to stop doing by way of a ‘resolution’. Baseless ideals that last for 28 days.

Perhaps what we need isn’t a new year. Maybe what we need is just a better, refined version of last year. Maybe what we did last year isn’t so bad, we just needed to be more consistent, or disciplined. Maybe there’s absolutely nothing new we need to ‘start’ at all.

  1. What should have done more consistently? If you did something that worked, intermittently–for whatever reason–perhaps all you need to do is be more consistent with that activity.
  2. What should we have been more disciplined with? For instance, if you wasted less time on social media, but still found yourself distracted from deeper thinking from time to time, perhaps all you need to do is be stricter with yourself by setting some disciplines.

This ‘New Years’ season, consider not doing anything new at all.

When Apple was done making the iPhone 6, what we needed wasn’t an iPhone 7. What we needed was an iPhone 6S – the 6, but faster.

Never mind 2018. Happy 2017S, everyone: like 2017, but better.