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January 11, 2018     Daily Post

Raising your will

Whether it’s a workout or a project, there comes a point where you say, “That’s enough.” The project is all done. Your legs are burning from the hill climb. Nothing.

Nobody celebrates or talks about what we’ve completed.

But we suddenly get very evangelic whenever something is 101% complete. When we went one more hill, created for 10 more minutes, wrote one more email.

  • 100%: Those who work-out only as far as they set out to, eventually get fat. Those who merely complete their work, run out of work.
  • 101%: Those who push themselves little further, eventually look amazing. Teams who go beyond for their clients, get more clients. After all, you’re already in the gear, why not commit to one more 1%? Your only barrier is your will.

Like working out, raising your will creates your new standard. Done together, this is how teams put themselves in a class all of their own.

Raise your will, one more hill, build goodwill, or it’s all downhill.