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October 14, 2018     Daily Post

Hoot selection

Life just keeps on happening, regardless of whether we perceive it as noise or focus.

We have choices.

  • >Your noisy world is the same noisy world that everyone else deals with. They just don’t advertise it to you on social media. They may be selectively reveal themselves just as you do, or they may be using ‘hoot selection’.
  • >Perpetuating the lie: if we pretend we don’t live in that world, something terrible happens: others may believe you. They may think they’re doing life wrong, and you may never find the help you need to grow.
  • >Selectively giving a hoot: if you can’t–or aren’t–going to change something, consider removing it from view. Otherwise you’ll miss the things you could–and will.

Without ‘hoot selection’, we must live with the noise at full-volume. If you (and your team) is pursuing meaningful work, turn down the noise and focus on your signal.