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October 13, 2018     Daily Post

They don’t get it

There are parts of your work that others don’t understand. Sometimes, those ‘others’ are your buyers, and that’s an issue.

When “they don’t get it”, you have three options:

  • >Nix it: Sometimes they don’t get it because it doesn’t matter. Take the opportunity to let go of something you’ve been holding onto for too long.
  • >Teach it: Sometimes it does matter, you’re just not communicating well enough. Pour out valuable and insightful education onto those you serve.
  • >Build it: Sometimes they “get it” but they can’t “do it”. Consider this your next product or service: an ode to those who needed more help and support than your current body of work provides.

Knowledge-gaps are full of potential. We get to choose if frustration or fascination is our response