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October 10, 2018     Daily Post

You have more job titles than you thought

What’s your job title? Is that all you do?

  • Everyone’s a customer service rep. “Why isn’t it working?” If there’s a code glitch, dignifying the customer with a proper reason and a plan to resolve it is customer service.
  • Everyone’s a spokesperson. “So what does your team do?” We’re all on social media, we all line up for coffee, we all interact with others. We represent our team everywhere we go.
  • Everyone’s a benefactor. “What on Earth are we going to do?” When things hit the fan, we’re all able to pull together to fix what’s broken, if it’s important enough to us. Will we?

Customer service, sales, spokesperson, benefactor, administrator, volunteer, coach, janitor. When we’re fully engaged in our team, we have more job titles than we thought.