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September 23, 2018     Daily Post

Information vs Experience

I’m working on a book at the moment.

It’s got a lot of important information in it that’ll help a lot of cause-driven companies.

If they engage with it:

  • Information is half of the body of work: Experiences without value are just broken promises. They draw you in, engage you, and leave you with nothing. The information needs to be amazing.
  • Experience is the other half: Information without experience is a confusing chore. It’s everything you ‘need’, but if it doesn’t motivate you to engage with it and apply it, it’s scarcely even intellectual entertainment.​

It’s not just what’s in the box that matters. The way we wrap, box, and deliver our work is a part of the work itself.

Do you need to learn how to add more to the box, or how to wrap better?