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January 05, 2018     Daily Post

Great teams

Creating, leading, or belonging to a great team is a privilege.

Like a great childhood, a great team has lasting effects on us that we wouldn’t change for the world. What makes a great team? And how do you know when you’re on one?

  1. Initiative. Members step up for challenges outside their comfort zone.
  2. Committed. Members show up for reasons beyond the dollar alone.
  3. Good stewards. Of time, attention, energy, resources. Self-sustaining.
  4. Time. Members want to spend it >together.
  5. Trust. No babysitting. Members are treated like–and behave like–adults.
  6. Growth. Members are becoming–h or helping others become-A Players.
  7. Respect. Opinions, values, and apologies are all accepted and honored.
  8. Tough-love. Members are relationally strong enough to challenge each other.
  9. Protective. Members actively reject ‘bad fits’ for the benefit of the team.
  10. Pride. Members are all proud of the work they do together.

Great teams are rare. How many of these does your team have? Which could you bring to your team?