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July 24, 2018     Daily Post

Pre-redemptive stories ​

Redemptive stories are where something bad is somehow used for good.

A tragedy that changes someone’s perspective on life. A desperate circumstance that recommits someone to a cause.

What if we could get ‘the good bit’ without requiring ‘the bad bit’?

  • Work that matters: We don’t need to wait until our death beds to ponder if our life’s work was worth it.
  • Making it happen: We don’t need to wait until we’re almost ‘finished’ to commit to more sales, better focus, or good investments.
  • Remembering what’s important: We don’t need to wait until they’re no longer with us to remember to spend time with those we care about.​

We don’t need a redemptive story. ​ Why not just have a pre-redemptive story instead?