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July 20, 2018     Daily Post

I’m not your market ​

It’s not always rude to shut the door on people.

  • Energetic jumpy-around events: I’m not your market. The emotional state it creates doesn’t work on me like a calm, focused, structured course does. Having me there will only confuse the ambiance.
  • Sickly-sweet mushy-communication: I’m not your market. If it lacks specificity, clarity, and thought, I’ll probably get bored. I’m unlikely to agree that its “the best thing in the whole world ever,” either.

Knowing who isn’t your market is just as important as knowing who is. Letting the wrong people show up won’t just let them down, it’ll let down those around them. Communicating in the wrong language won’t just confuse them, it’ll frustrate them.

For whom should you do a favor by shutting the door?