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July 16, 2018     Daily Post

With luxury comes responsibility

What is ‘luxury’?

I think it’s the opportunity that emerges when a patron believes your craft is as important as you do.

With luxury comes responsibility:

  • Putting your beliefs to the test: Will what you produce match the passion you claim to have for your work? Your “if only” excuses are all gone; it’s time to prove it.
  • Innovation and celebration: Innovation is necessary at all market tiers. Luxury introduces celebration; a reverence and appreciation for your work’s craft.
  • The future of luxury: If celebration is found in the rearview mirror, innovation is in the windshield; how can the future of your craft mean something bigger?

The future of luxury–I believe–is in bringing more meaning to your work, to complement its heritage. It’s in doing work that matters with and for those who think it does, too.

Whatever your market tier, it’s your responsibility to make that happen.