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July 11, 2018     Daily Post

“It’s like you know me better than I do”

When our audience can say that, we’re already half way there.

I heard this quote while sitting in on an ImpactCoaching call between our Creative team and a client.

  • They hadn’t yet made a single observation: they simply cared enough to ask good questions, and empathize with the answers that followed.
  • No fancy language required: there’s no “secret marketing hack” that competes with caring enough about the person speaking. Like our Nana’s would say, “God gave us one mouth and two ears.”
  • Foundation for every great message: Can a great message that doesn’t intimately understand who it was written for actually be great?

The Internet is full of “secret marketing hacks”. If you like intellectual entertainment, pick one. They’re a hoot.

But when our audience says that (title), we’re already half way there.