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July 07, 2018     Daily Post

Stop staring at the horizon

Vision isn’t about staring at the horizon and trying to march there. That’s how visions die.

Instead, it’s about glancing the horizon then marching another 10 feet ahead:

  • The trouble with “BHAGs” (“big, hairy, audacious goals”) is they’re on the horizon, removed from a sense of momentum and happiness. Pull the horizon closer with a series of “SMAGs” (small, motivating, attainable goals).
  • Five more push ups: If the thought of doing another 20 is on the horizon, just do another five…four more times.
  • Push until you see a change: As in exercise, distant goals may cause teams to lose heart. Work out until you see any change…then do it again.

The horizon keeps moving, no matter how far you go. Marching 10 feet ahead keeps the momentum, fulfills us, and ensures we don’t give up.