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July 05, 2018     Daily Post

Don’t spoil it

You’ve given it our best shot.

You’ve made a book, a product, an article, a design, something.

Two things are about to happen:

  • People will help you spoil it. They will give you their opinions. Many opinions will differ. Some will think it’s great, others will say it stinks. They will suggest you change it to match their opinions. Doing so will spoil it.
  • People will help you improve it. They will give you their insights. Many insights will become trends. Some will match your vision, others won’t. Matching trends suggest ways to refine your work. Doing so will improve it.

There are always temptations to change the direction of our work, to add more bits to your message, to take bits away, to better match somebody else’s vision.

Make sure your council helps you make a better version of your **work.