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December 13, 2017     Daily Post

Write like you email

When you receive an email, you don’t wonder whether or not the words will come. Do you? I don’t. I tend to just start writing.

The question isn’t, “Can I write this?” or “Should I write this?” or even, ”What will they think of this?”

It’s simply, “I’m going to reply to this in a way that answers the question, is helpful, useful, easy to read, and only long enough to provide the value I want to provide.”

As it happens, this is the model I used to write this blog post. It’s long enough to communicate what I want to say, long enough to plant an idea that can be used and taken forward. Which is basically the same as with email, right?

We can write emails all day… each time answering a question, planting a seed, helping someone move forward in some way.

  • What if we published how we emailed?
  • What if it were as easy as writing an email?
  • What if it were that easy for you, right now, from now on?
  • What’s stopping you?