Innovation & PFPs

What does your profile picture say about you?

If you use a photo pfp, perhaps it shows how professional you are.

If you use an NFT pfp, perhaps it shows a community you like, or a style you enjoy.

But neither of these things are the whole you. They show only one part of you.

Reddit got it right with customisable Snoo avatars, allowing users to customise and showcase a little more about themselves. Even their blockchain-based assets can be dissected for use, allowing everyone to add only the select elements they resonate with to their ensemble.

We’re complex creatures.

There’s lots to say about us.

And there’s a whole lot more to us than pronouns and nuances of our orientation.

I hope 2023 reveals more innovations that add yet more depth and weirdness to how we represent ourselves…

Ways that are less serious and politically charged…

Ways that are a little more… us.