Beyond the algorithm

“The algorithm.”

We talk about it like it’s an overlord of some kind.

And it sort of is…

…But it’s not quite so dramatic:

A system that amplifies messages that spread isn’t controlling us, only amplifying things that people want to see. When it comes to places that people visit to be entertained, that seems reasonable.

A system that accepts inputs from millions of people at once isn’t suppressing you, you’re just one in many voices and it has to prioritise the above rule so people keep sharing input. That seems reasonable.

A system that has no feelings or agendas whatsoever isn’t cancelling you, you’re just saying valuable things in interesting ways, or you’re not. And it boosts those who are. That seems reasonable.

As we look beyond the algorithm, we realise the web isn’t rigged against us.

It’s just full of many voices, some lovely, others less so, and we have the opportunity to be discovered by the merits of our message and the quality of our creative, rather than merely the dollars in our pockets.

Seems pretty good to me.