Ban or Serve

When we see grinders and spammers, we all think the same thing.

Ban them… kick them out… protect the others.

And this is often the right course of action.

But remember…

Each one of them is a real person, trying to find their way online, and you happen to have crossed paths with one another. Your interaction could leave them better than you found them, if you choose for it to.

Each one of them is struggling with their own stuff, and you’re experiencing them in that moment with their baggage included. Your words and actions can reenforce their issues, or change their course for the better, whether you realise it or not, if you choose for it to.

Sometimes the best service we can give them is a respectful ban, perhaps with some positive words to help them on their way.

And sometimes, you may have one of your best future fans in front of you, crying out for your help and service.

They’re people. Be kind.