Better than Open or Closed

What’s a better platform, an open one or a closed one?

There’s a third (and, I’d propose, better) option:

1) À la carte: Where you can do whatever you like, and so can everyone else. Such extreme divergence prefers a mile in every direction over ten miles in one direction.

2) Prescription: Where you are told what you can have, in what quantity, and that’s the end of the discussion. Progress moves at the pace of the prescriber, in that direction only, and you’re required to either participate in that direction or leave.

3) Omakase: Where chef serves what chef thinks you’ll like best, describes the dishes, answers your questions, and turns their expertise into an act of service. Progress is led by a master, benevolently and in the best interests of those who choose to follow.

“Open or closed” removes the leadership opportunity from a master who cares, abdicating either responsibility or a heart of service.

What if your work were to be Omakase?