Hello, Mortiverse

Last year, my wife Kezi and I lost someone.

It was one of the most painful experiences we’ve been through.

And following a bunch of complications, we almost lost her in the process.

It was during that time that we stumbled upon NFTs; silly little cartoon pictures that were about the only thing that would make her smile.

It got us thinking.… Web3 is so full of opportunity, yet so full of so many people panicking about things that just don’t matter that much.

Cute little Morts, philosophical teaching as a family, and NFTs at the time, helped Kezi.

We wondered, perhaps Mort—alongside culturally accessible philosophical teaching—could be something that would help others find resilience, peace, patience, empathy, and happiness, too.

The idea of the Mortiverse was born.

It’s designed with premium quality production and focus in mind. Beyond the planned seven-figure production pipeline, the “focus” part is what’s most important: a relentless commitment to doing one thing incredibly well, rather than trying to be all things to all people. What is that thing?

It’s designed to make philosophy and personal development culturally accessible for the next generation. Philosophy an ambiguous, disconnected word for most of us, and so we miss the profound affects it can have on our mind, or mental resilience, and the fullness of our lives. This project is designed to change that, making growing as a person (literally) as easy as watching cartoons and playing games.

Together, we can change the culture. If we can equip a new generation of thinkers with the teachings of the greats — Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, Epictetus, Zeno and others — then we can change the future, making it a much better place for ourselves and our children. This is what the future of learning could look like, and you’re very, very early.

Season One is coming soon. Follow Mortiverse on Twitter for more details.

And we hope it’ll bring you peace, just like it did for my Kezi, whatever life brings your way.