Old too, not too old

Old too, not too old:

In 2013, Slack launched with the desire to replace email (which began in the 70s). Now, they exist together. Email’s decentralised, open nature may have seemed old-hat to some, but its resilience makes it a lifeline of connection. Proprietary platforms have come and gone, yet email remains. Old too, not too old.

In 1996, “Three Dirty Dwarves” and “Tomb Raider” were both released. One with beautiful 2D sprites, the other with low-poly 3D graphics. At the time, the latter was preferred for its technical advances, and the former dismissed for being ‘old 2D style’. Now, only one of them has aged well, and the former is truly appreciated. Old too, not too old.

Today, your industry is probably evolving and going through similar transitions, some ideas coming into favour, and others falling out of it. Embrace what’s coming. But don’t throw out the past. Old too, not too old.