Half as good, half as nice

A mentor once said to me, “If you don’t do it, someone half as good and half as nice will.”

I think he’s right.

If you don’t take the principled stance of protecting your customers from market opportunists, a great pretender will do a fine job of assuming that role instead. The benefit-corp world is full of countless examples of this, to the detriment of market trust.

If you don’t create with a fiduciary responsibility to bring maximum ethical freedom of choice to those you serve, a walled garden will emerge in its place. The social media and metaverse spaces are great examples of this, to the detriment of creators and consumers.

If you don’t put your ideas out into the world regardless of whether or not they’re a “roaring success”, the market will be reduced to engaging marginalised or lesser options in your absence.

Will you do something about that?