Survivability as a soft skill

Know what’s a hugely underrated soft skill?


Survivability means everyone else on the team may drop the ball… but not you. Not because you have the most skills or the best memory, but because you don’t allow them to drop on your watch.

Survivability means a dozen curve-balls may come at once… but you deal. Not by yielding to unfair demands, but by stepping up to lead a path forward when nobody has a map.

Survivability means markets may change, products may EOL, and accounts may move on… but you’re still standing. Not because you’re lucky enough to be one of the few remaining seats, but because you know how to survive any market conditions.

Survivability means a project or event may seem destined to fall apart… but you’re there. And everyone involved knows exactly what that means.

Survivability is a skill.

A very rare one.

One worth nurturing.