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May 20, 2018     Daily Post

Careers aren’t dead

Can careers exist in the age of the gig economy?

I think so, but under different circumstances.

Rather than dying, the ‘career’ is now exclusive to teams that gift members the freedom to “make it their own.”

In that environment, you get to:

  • Pick up a spade: There’s always work to be done on “the building site” of a growing team. So please, pick up a spade and join in the meaningful work.
  • Build the house you want to live in: As you contribute to growth, leave your mark and make it your own. Teams are only as good as those who get to make choices and belong.
  • **Be house-proud: **We get to choose to be proud of the work we do. After contributing your genius, maintain and defend that standard for the whole team.

The spades are right over there.