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May 13, 2018     Daily Post

Impact card

How do you decide if something’s worth your time?

Great teams ask themselves this question before embarking on a project or task or risk losing time to distractions.

Consider these four parts:

  • What difference will this make? This question lets us sell (or unsell) ourselves on ideas based on how much of an impact it’ll have on the team’s mission.
  • What’s the worst that could happen? This question gives us a motivating dose of fear around the stakes involved should this ‘go south.’
  • What’s the best that could happen? This question gives us a vision of what’s possible so that we can visualize the success we want to achieve.
  • What must happen to ensure success? This question reveals the steps or maintenance needed for this project to achieve the desired impact.

Get sold on projects and tasks that make a difference. Get unsold on the rest.