What’s a ‘worthy valve’?

I just made it up - the concept I want to share with you has no name, so I gave it a name (despite not being very good at naming things!)

This is a one-way valve. It flows one of these two ways:

#1 Toward our work. In this case, we ask ourselves, “Am I worthy of this project or undertaking?” Here, we’re intimidated by the work and wonder whether or not we fit the assignment.

#2 Toward ourselves. In this case, we ask ourselves, “Is this project or undertaking worthy of me?” Here, we’re intimidated by the finite amount of time available on Earth, and want to spend that time only on things we deem truly worth our time.

I find that most ambitious people choose option #1. They wonder if a certain business, project, follower count or financial milestone is possible for them.

But I find that option #2 is the healthier choice. Here we remember that all of those achievements mean nothing to us when we’re gone, and fade with our passing.

Consider making option #2 your default setting.

Time is precious.