Somethings are easy to predict.

If you’re a CRO, optimising a website for conversions has patterns and rhymes based on audience data.

…and then there’s the absurd ideas that just hit the market right and skyrocket in performance despite not working yesterday.

If you’re an SEO, optimising an article for long-tail search terms has patterns and rhymes based on the trailing indicators of past work.

…and then there’s a term that hits the culture that you weren’t expecting, creating unreproducible surges of traffic to your work.

If you’re building a brand, there are market trends you can follow to help guide you to positive niche reception.

…and then there’s the irrational idea that takes off and wins the hearts of waves of people because it just vibes right.

We’re not logical. We invented logic. We’re irrational, emotional creatures.

Please, use the data available to you. But remember to embrace the beauty of how random we are as a species.

It’s full of opportunity if you dare to be different.