Are you a curious person?

You were once when pursuing your line of work… But are you STILL a curious person?

From Walter Isaacson in “The Innovators”:

“Curiosity. Pure, passionate, and playful curiosity about everything. Steve Jobs was curious about calligraphy and coding, while Da Vinci was curious about art and anatomy. They wanted to know everything about everything that was knowable. Ben Franklin wanted to know about science, the humanities and poetry. Even Einstein wanted to understand Mozart at the same time that he studied general relativity. Curiosity leads to an interest in all sorts of disciplines, which means you can stand at the intersection of the arts and sciences, which is where creativity occurs. A wide range in curiosity allows you to see patterns exist across nature and how those patterns ripple.”

Curiousity is nurtured in empty space reserved for it to be explored.

Once explored, it lets you see around corners and more accurately predict the future.

Sounds useful, doesn’t it?