It can be tricky enough getting small businesses to focus on their target audience at the best of times.

The ‘other target audience’ only comes up once the first has been mastered.

What is the ‘other target audiences’?

Cultural observers… these folks may not ever be buyers, but they’re critical to the fabric of you market. Buyers care what they think. A lot.

Fans… these folks also may never be buyers, but they behave precisely as though they are. They’re not in the stadium, they’re watching (and tweeting) from home.

Commentators… these folks have the attention of the observers, fans, and buyers. They review, unbox and enhance (or attack) your market perception.

Collaborators… these folks could be complimentary, they could be competition… savvy businesses know it doesn’t matter either way, they’re still opportunities for collaboration.

If you have a hard time staying focused on your target audience, work on that.

If you’re great at focusing on your target audience, keep doing that.

But while you’re at it, consider the folks above. They’re on your side (if you help them).