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May 05, 2018     Daily Post

A Haiku approach

Ever read Haiku before?

They’re short, 17 syllable poems that inspire creativity from constraint.

I wonder, why stop at poetry?

  • We fill the space we have: If a project has two weeks available, it’ll take two weeks. What if we made it one?
  • Too much choice makes us soft: If your toolbox has everything in it, we risk over-complicating things. What if only a few tools were available?
  • Too many ideas: New technology, new ‘hacks’, new strategies, there’s always something new to try. What if we quit dabbling and focused on seeing just one through to mastery?

Great teams create move the needle when they outthink (vs outmuscle) their opposition, be it a market competitor or a social issue.

Adding “a haiku approach” to our work–inspiring creativity from constraints–forces us to resourcefully create something better, simpler, new.