In 2008, I met my wife, in the metaverse.

In 2009, metaverse was how we paid our bills.

Then we didn’t hear about metaverse for a while. Our focus on serving people where they are took us away from the metaverse for a while.

But people are going to go back to the metaverse again, very soon.

Facebook is called Meta now. Their work on Horizon Worlds and new ways to interact with others will make the metaverse normal.

The crypto is meta too. Projects like Decentraland offer an alternative in the spirit of the open web for the world to come closer together in a time where pandemics are keeping us further apart.

I know I’ve been working on metaverse plans for about twelve months as we anticipate the wave, and lots of people are going to want support embracing those they serve in this new environment.

I say ‘new’… it’s more like a ‘homecoming’ to Kezi and I.

See you in the metaverse soon, friends.