Almost every day, I’m send links to causes to support, rallies to rally, missions to back.

The overwhelming majority don’t make the cut for me.


#1: Synthetic mission: You can feel when a project doesn’t have an authentic mission. And if you can’t, you find out soon enough after spending just enough time with the founder(s) for them to let their guard down.

If they aren’t who they say they are, or their work isn’t for what they say it’s for, it’s a no from me. And it should be from you too.

#2: Expression disconnect: Maybe it’s an art project where the art was outsourced to someone who doesn’t care (how can that make a good talisman for the cause?) Or maybe it’s a spokesperson who doesn’t embody the heart behind the project (how does this happen so often?)

If the core components aren’t true to the work they exist to represent, it’s a no from me. And it should be from you too.

#3: No heartbeat: Pull back the curtain. If the team believe the same things… If the core components are all aligned… Does it work?

Are they working well together, is there a coherent plan, is it being managed appropriately?

Or is it a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants endeavour where funds, roadmaps and strategies change by the day? If so, it’s a no from me. And it should be from you too.

There are many projects to support out there. Many are not what they claim to be.

So kick the tyres. Ask lots of questions. Then ask even more.

The ones worthy of your support will have the answers.