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December 25, 2017     Daily Post

On traditions

As we see our families this Christmas Day, we’re reminded of the traditions we share. Each family is unique, as are the effects of their traditions.

They bring people together in unique ways that you sorely miss if you’re unable to be there.

When building or nurturing a tribe of people, traditions become a bonding agent few ‘perks’ can match. Let’s decode these traditions:

  • Intimacy: The traditions bring people together. That mutually desired closeness breeds intimacy.
  • Camaraderie: The traditions create shared experiences. The shared pursuits create camaraderie.
  • Protection: Without consistency, they’re no longer traditions. Tribe members protect the tradition so that it can continue.
  • Fun: There’s no ‘point’ beyond the act itself. Gain or benefit isn’t the point: simply participating is the point.
  • Inexpensive: Because we don’t measure the performance and success of these points in dollars and cents.

You can leverage points 1-4 in your tribe, while the fifth makes doing so a no-brainer.

Traditions reinforce and celebrate the difference between being a group of individuals, and being a real team. Which would you rather belong to?