What’s your end-game?

Not knowing gives room for jealousy, envy, desperation, and freneticism.

Knowing breeds confidence, peace, and freedom.

For example…

I’ve experienced “lots of assets and no family time”. I’ve experienced “no assets and lots of family time.”

I liked the latter so much better there’s absolutely no contest. And so I’ll happily trade assets for time with family.

Time spent with family while making creative things is, for us, living the dream. And the funny thing about living your dream is, the rest often takes care of itself.

It makes our output great. Great output is often deemed valuable. The marketplace is happy to exchange that value for what you need (money, time, etc).

Knowing your end-game is a safe, calm path to a fulfilled life.

So whether you’re working on your market offers… Or you’re thinking about what customers to support… Or you’re wondering what you’d like life to look like in the future.

First ask yourself, what’s your end-game?