You Have A License For That

James Bond kills people.

It’s okay, he has a license for that.

What licenses do you have?

#1 License to Create

The journey between idea and execution has become too complicated for most of us.

It doesn’t need to be.

  • Ideate
  • Decide
  • Act

It’s okay: you have a license for that.

#2 License to Quit

Many of us do things we don’t want to do because we feel we have to.

Because what we earn and own have become more important social cues than how happy we are.

You decided that. You can change your mind.

It’s okay: you have a license for that.

#3 License to Hold

Once you find something you LOVE doing, you can…

  • do it until you master it
  • do it for free or money
  • do it for yourself or others

Feeling guilty for doing things we love because it “doesn’t feel like work” is a life sentence.

You made bail: you have a license for that.

We change lives when we put our customers at the heart of our services rendered.

Don’t forget that you have permission to choose who those customers are, and what services you’ll render.

You have a license for that.