Is finding product-market fit difficult?

Only when you miss these core ingredients:

#1 Knowing your audience

Making anything without knowing who you’re making for is like throwing a dart at a dart board with a blindfold on.

You could get a triple-twenty and everyone would hear about it.

But it’s unlikely.

#2 Knowing their narrative

Knowing your audience then trying to distract them from their journey is like trying to convince cab-riders they should go somewhere different to their chosen destination.

You could get someone open to changing their entire plan.

But it’s unlikely.

#3 Committing to the ride

Knowing where your people want to go refusing to build your business around that journey is like trying to convince someone to buy shoes in the wrong size.

You could get someone who just really likes your shoes and is prepared to buy them on that basis, despite never being able to wear them.

But it’s unlikely.

Product-market fit is only hard when we’re focused on products, markets, and fitting them together.

But it gets easy when you focus on people, their journey, and facilitating that journey.