How do some companies make you feel so excited?

This is how!

The three elements of brand connection:

  1. Your audience
  2. Your message
  3. Your expression

1) Your audience

Think you know them well enough?

Until you know their fears… how it feels to be in their shoes… their past …their lingo …their dreams and their goals…

…there’s still work to do.

2) Your message

Secret: it’s not your message.

It’s theirs.

They’re on a journey already. They’re sold on it. You can join them and make it easier if you choose.

The better you know their journey, the better your message will become.

3) Your expression

Combine #1 and #2 with contextual expression.

Express their message based on:

  • The step along the journey they’re on
  • The platform you’re communicating on

Newcomers on Facebook get a different expression than Champions on WhatsApp.

Get those 3 things right and customers won’t need convincing to buy. They’ll be sold before you even know their name.

Everyone tries to master #3 without mastering #1 and #2. That’s what makes marketing hard.

And what’s what will make your marketing easy.

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