This week I had someone gush over how much daily content I produce.

Last week I gushed over how much daily content someone else produces.

It’s relative. Wherever you’re at, here’s how people manage to create more than you:

#1 They do the things you don’t, one at a time. You can’t learn everything at once. Focus on what you want to make next. The rest will gladly wait their turn.

#2 They do the things you don’t, faster than you. Everything takes a long time until it doesn’t. More practice usually means better output in less time. Keep practicing.

#3 They do the things you do, without you. A skill you’ve mastered is a skill you can teach to others. Delegating the parts that don’t explicitly require YOU allow you to go even faster still.

#4 They know their audience and what that audience needs to hear “More content” isn’t the point. “More connection” is the point.

He/she who‘s closest to those the customer wins. Know them. Know what they need to hear from you.

Then scale up the production.