Here’s how I learned the importance of “weird traits” when it came to marketing a business.

When I used to design fashion/clothes, I wondered where the real deals were made.

Then someone “in the know” showed me: Art exhibits.

Every couple of months, there’d be an exhibition. Private. Invite-only. Exclusive.

These were the places that relationships formed and collaborations were born.

These places helped me scale up the sales of that project (and finally find a use for my art history studies). I started by discarding them… and ended by exhibiting art I’d created specifically to create more conversations in that room.

I incorporated their uniqueness into my message. A good brand message knows who it’s talking to and what they need to hear.

Your chosen market probably has some weird traits of its own.

Maybe it’s Frisbee Golf in the park. Weekly Twitter chats. Pokémon cards.

Maybe you’ve been disregarding it because it doesn’t feel business-y enough.

Maybe it’s time to dive deeper into your audience’s world.

After all, it’s in their world that buying decisions are made!