Ever feel guilty for not being like others on social media who claim to “live their best life” every day?

It’s a lousy goal.

Here are some better goals to aim for:

#1 An above-average day Looking for “the best day” leaves no space.

A sad family member who reaches out for help will “ruin” your “best day”…

Spending time with an unhappy customer to make them feel supported and understood will “ruin” your “best day”…

Who wants a day so fickle that investing in family and work is unacceptable?

#2 A better day than yesterday If yesterday wasn’t great, pressure to find your “best life” in the next 24 hours is unlikely to help.

Businesses grow when they listen to their audience and express their needs back to them with solution in hand… imperfect daily progress.

People grow when they listen to yesterday’s signals and put changes in place to improve… imperfect daily progress.

#3 A day like yesterday Was yesterday awesome?

Was it full of messy business puzzles and real family life, struggles and progress, successes and lessons learned?

Sounds like you’re already living a “best life”.

Beach not required.