Some days, you can feel like you kind of blew it.

Tomorrow is going to be a medley of property viewings and hospital visits… Not much space for tackling the to-do list of also-very-important business tasks that need completing.

And you know what? That’s totally OK. Here are 3 reasons why:

#1 Limited arms and hours: When you’ve got a lot of exciting projects moving at once, you can’t do them all at once all of the time. We don’t have enough arms nor hours in the day. In each case, we are…

#2 Blessed with opportunity The sheer fact that you have exciting projects to pursue at all is, in itself, something to be hugely thankful for. Your grandparents would have loved such opportunities, especially since…

#3 Opportunity just keeps coming There’s opportunity all around us. Every day. Whether we can see it or not. Never has there been such a ripe garden of opportunity to graze from. Even if one passes you by, just look around!

If you didn’t get around to some of the things you wanted to do today, consider this:

  • How lucky we are to have opportunity all around us
  • How lucky we are to be interrupted by things that matter
  • How lucky we are to do get to try again tomorrow

With one mindset, everything outside of your original to-do list is a setback. With another, everything in your day is something to be thankful for.

I know which I’d rather operate from.

How about you?